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6 Reasons for Not Giving Up on Your Marriage

Masculinity: A Salute to Men

10 Simple-but-Powerful Ways to Build Your Marriage

Hope for a Hurting Husband

“His” Prayer

The Double-Layered Foundation that Every Marriage Needs           

The Husband Chapter        

The 10 Commandments for Marriage

An Open Letter to a Hurting Husband

Everyday Vows for Lifelong Marriages

Stepping from Isolation into Intimacyhusbands

To the Husband who Seeks Reconciliation

Praying for Your Marriage  (3 Parts)        

Mighty Men in Marriage

Why Eve Came from Adam’s Rib   

The Love Chapter (Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13)

How to Change Your Marriage … Right Now        

A “Word for Your Marriage”

23 Online Resources for Conquering Addictions

Anger: The Emotion that Devours (2 parts)

Leadership Skills of a Dancing King

“Thank you!”

Divorce and Remarriage (position paper)

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